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Silphie paper packaging based on a new natural raw material: silphie fibers. These are sourced from energy crops that are cultivated and processed locally.

35 % silphie fiber

Our innovative silphie paper is insect-friendly, conserves natural resources, is recyclable and is based on a rapidly renewable raw material. Our paper qualities consist of a combination of 35% silphie fibers with FSC®-certified pulp or recycled fibers.

Silphie Verpackung Herstellung
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packaging design

Are you seeking to revamp your existing packaging? Or are you looking for a new packaging solution? Together with our experts and partners, we would be happy to develop packaging made of Silphie paper according to your requirements.

Our silphie paper seal

Our OutNature seal identifies packaging made from silphie paper. Depending on the space available, additional information can also be added to the seal. This enables end consumers to immediately recognize the material and gain a quick and easy insight into the ecological benefits.

Example packaging

packaging solutions
made of silphie paper.

Grammaturen - OutNature

Grammages from 60 to 450 gsm

Our silphie paper products – SilphiePaper, SilphieLiner and SilphieBoard – are suited to a wide range of different packaging applications, in particular those that come into direct contact with food. They can be printed using standard printing processes (offset, flexo, screen and digital printing).

Creating packaging

Our silphie paper is suited to a wide range of end-use applications. Whether as trays, folding boxes, labeling, banderoles or corrugated lining – the opportunities are endless. We can help you redesign and optimize your current packaging solutions and put them into practice in cooperation with our partners.
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Sales contact

Please contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions about our products.

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Thomas Strieder

Sales Director

Silphie paper grades

Take a look through our paper product portfolio and find the perfect fit for your packaging solution.