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Closing loops and consuming fewer natural resources, avoiding waste or – even better – using it to create new value and shaping the future with sustainable and efficient solutions. This is what drove us to establish OutNature.




The primary raw material used to make paper is pulp, which is mainly sourced as virgin fibers from industrial-scale forestation. Oftentimes, volatile markets also mean long transport routes and a high carbon footprint. Downstream, wood processing also requires large amounts of energy and chemicals. At the same time, demand is growing as more and more paper-based packaging is used as an alternative to plastics. This has already been implemented with success in the food industry.
But how can paper be manufactured more sustainably so that it offers a real alternative?

Our solution:

The versatile silphium plant, which can be used to manufacture paper and to produce biogas and biomethane for energy recovery.

Our raw materials
the silphium plant

Silphium (Silphium perfoliatum L.) is a plant species native to North America that is currently cultivated on roughly 10,500 hectares (2022) of land in Germany. It is perennial and used primarily for its properties as an energy crop. However, it also has a host of benefits during its life cycle.
Die Silphie Pflanze
Gillette unser Kunde für Silphie Verpackungen

Our customers:
who places their trust in us

Our silphie paper serves as the basis for bespoke packaging solutions. From family-owned mid-caps to well-known brands, from cosmetics to organic foods – we tailor our solutions to meet our customers’ individual needs. Find out more about who is already using our products.

Our partners:
who we work with

We work with our partners to unite expertise in silphium cultivation, bioenergy production and fiber processing technology with longstanding experience in paper production and the innovative power of OutNature. Together, we create innovative fiber and paper products for trade and industry.
Silphie Anbau

what drives us

Environmental service provider PreZero pools its innovative strengths under the OutNature brand to develop fiber and paper products made from silphium plants. In doing so, we are helping to conserve natural resources by tapping into a local and renewable raw material source. From field to market and back to nature – for a closed recycling loop and a cleaner tomorrow.

Our awards and certificates

Silphie paper.

Our product range covers various grades of paper for food and non-food use. What can we offer you?