Silphium was previously used exclusively as an energy crop in bioenergy production. Now, cascading use means that the fibers of the silphium plant can be used to produce sustainable paper and packaging products.

Versatility has a name: Silphium

Silphium has been cultivated in Germany for a number of years now, so far as an energy crop used to produce power, gas and heat. The plant is known for its wide range of benefits:

Icon der Energiepflanze

Energy Crop
used to generate biogas

Icon der mehrjährigen Kultur

Perennial culture
that can be used for at least ten years

Icon des Errosionsschutzes

Protection against flooding and erosion 
thanks to consant soil cover

Humusaufbau Icon

Humus accumulation and carbon sequestration
in the ground

Icon der Silphie-Pflanze

Long flowering period
and habitat for insects

Icon der Faser

Alternative fibers
as a raw material for paper production

Ökosystem Icon

Promoting indigenous ecosystems
and biodiversity

Icon düngen

Good nutrient efficiency 
and less use of pesticides

Wherever silphium blossoms, so too does opportunity

Originally from North America, silphium is now cultivated on some 10,500 hectares (2022) of land in Germany. The energy crop is growing in popularity in other European countries, too.

Our products

OutNature offers a wide range of natural-fiber products, from various grades of paper through to sustainable silphie-based packaging designs. We sell both off-the-shelf products and custom solutions.