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We develop and sell innovative silphium-based fiber and paper products. Regional. Natural. Sustainable.

Our roots: PreZero.

New thinking for a cleaner tomorrow.

The PreZero Group is an international environmental service provider with approximately 30,000 employees at over 430 locations in Europe and North America. The Group bundles expertise in waste disposal and in sorting, processing and recycling waste along the entire value chain all under one roof. PreZero considers itself a driving force for innovation in the industry and strives to shape a world in which closed loops mean resources are no longer squandered. Put simply: zero waste, 100% recyclable materials.

As the environmental division of the Schwarz Group, which includes retailers Kaufland and Lidl as well as Schwarz Produktion, PreZero has a unique insight into the entire material lifecycle – from manufacture through trade, collection, sorting and recycling down to reuse – and unique opportunities to develop new holistic solutions. For that reason, PreZero is always on the lookout for compelling new materials, processes and ideas that combine ecology and economy.

PreZero is now bundling its innovative power and practical expertise to develop innovative, sustainable and unique fiber and paper products based on the silphium plant under a new brand, OutNature.

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That's OutNature – that's who we are.

Thanks to cascading use of the silphium plant, OutNature has succeeded in tapping a new source of raw materials. As a startup within the PreZero family, we have been working day in, day out since 2019 to conserve natural resources and leverage sustainable and efficient solutions to shape the future. We wholeheartedly believe the silphium plant is the solution of the future!

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Team OutNature: Julian Metzger

Julian Metzger

Commercial Director

Team OutNature: Thomas Strieder

Thomas Strieder

Sales Director

Detlef Gnauck

Key Account Manager

Team OutNature: Rabea Stradinger

Rabea Stradinger

Key Account Manager

Julian Pflieger

Customer Care & Supply Chain Manager

Team OutNature: Antonella Russo

Antonella Russo

Customer Care Agent

Team OutNature: Sanja Garic

Sanja Garic

Customer Care Agent

Dina Abou El Kher

Customer Care Agent

Team OutNature: Chiara Porat

Chiara Porat

Customer Care Agent

Nina Kruppenbacher

Project Manager

Team OutNature: Axel Hirthammer

Axel Hirthammer

Technical Director

Team OutNature: Dragan Kobas

Dragan Kobas

Technical Manager

Team OutNature: Viktoria Potsch

Viktoria Potsch

Dual Student

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