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drives us
Consuming fewer natural resources, avoiding waste or – even better – using it to create new value and shaping the future with sustainable and efficient solutions. This is what drove us to establish OutNature.
We are aware of the responsibility we have for the environment, and this is why we develop and sell innovative and sustainable fiber and paper products to be used as packaging solutions in trade and industry. As a full-service provider, we cover the entire “Made in Germany” value chain, from sourcing the raw material through paper production down to developing the finished packaging solution.
With backing from one of the world’s largest retailers and our partners’ expertise in cultivating sustainable raw materials and operating biogas plants, OutNature has succeeded in turning what was previously waste material into a new, economical and ecologically sound fiber alternative as a basis for holistic, sustainable and unique paper packaging solutions.

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Our mission

We work together with our regional partners and customers to develop holistic packaging solutions using paper made from the silphium plant. By covering the entire value chain from plant to packaging, we react rapidly to our customers’ requirements. We assume economic, social and environmental responsibility in what we do.

Our Vision

OutNature – sustainable paper-based packaging solutions for everyone.

in the future.


As part of the Schwarz Group, we are guided by the Group-wide sustainability policy. The Schwarz Group concentrates its sustainability efforts on the “Responsible Consumption and Production” Sustainable Development Goal and is a member of the UN Global Compact.
OutNature produces added value – for its customers but also for the environment and society as a whole. This idea is the seed that grew into OutNature: the goal is to give value to silphie fibers, which were previously a waste residue of biogas production, as a raw material for use in the paper industry.

Renewable raw material

Creating an alternative raw material for paper production that is quick to regrow and available locally.

Cascading use

Zero waste of resources along the entire value chain by using the silphium plant multiple times before energy recovery.

Closing loops

Creating a smart loop: from sustainable raw material through local supply chains, paper and packaging production and retail through to waste disposal and reintroduction into the materials cycle.

Indigenous ecosystems

Environmentally friendly cultivation and resource efficiency in processing the silphium plant in order to protect indigenous ecosystems and preserve biodiversity.

About us

Interested in finding out more about our company and the team behind OutNature?