Silphie paper is made of silphie fibers and conventional pulp. Currently, silphie fibers make up at least 35% of the fiber content in our paper products. Our goal is to achieve a silphie fiber content of at least 50%.

Ecologicalvirgin fiber

OutNature’s silphie fibers offer a primary fiber material that is grown and processed locally and can be used as an ecological fiber alternative for paper production. The fibers themselves form hydrogen bonds, which enables stable sheet formation. The finished product features a good strength value thanks to the binding properties of the fibers and their high volume.

Made inGermany

Our silphie paper is “Made in Germany” – from seed through cultivation down to fiber processing and paper manufacture. Growing silphie locally means we can cut transport distances and reduce carbon emissions.


Our silphie paper can be recycled just like conventional paper. You can dispose of it in the waste paper stream like you normally would.

Paper reinvented- going green!

Product portfolio

Grammages from 50 to 330 gsm

We sell silphie fiber-based paper and board with grammages ranging from 50 to 330 gsm. Our silphie paper grades – SilphiePaper, SilphieLiner and SilphieBoard – are suited to a wide range of different paper applications. While our primary focus is on packaging applications, particularly in direct contact with food, we also offer specific graphics applications. Our paper products are machine-smoothed and surface-treated, and feature good printability in standard printing processes (offset, flexo, screen and digital printing).

Minimum 35 % silphie fiber

We currently offer paper products featuring 35% silphie fibers. Following successful FSC® certification, our paper products use FSC-certified pulp. We are working together with our partners to develop new formulas. Other mixtures are conceivable, both with different virgin fibers and with recycled paper.


SilphiePaper mat 35 FSC or non FSC

  • Basis weights from 50 gsm
  • Potential applications: paper bags, labels, banderoles, sleeves


SilphieLiner mat 35 FSC or non FSC

  • Basis weights from 100 gsm
  • Potential applications: corrugated material, liner for corrugated board production, fruit and vegetable trays


SilphieBoard mat 35 FSC or non FSC

  • Basis weights between 200 – 330 gsm
  • Potential applications: folding boxes, banderoles, displays

We will gladly send you samples of our SilphiePaper, SilphieLiner and SilphieBoard.

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ISEGA food safety certification for dry and non-fatty foods and FSC® Mix certification for our silphie paper products are available.

Eco-friendly fibers

The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) examined the potential environmental impact of silphie-based paper and fibers and compared this with virgin fiber-based conventional pulp and packaging paper produced in Europe (data source: ecoinvent). The environmental impact of silphie fiber production is lower than that of pulp production, particularly in terms of energy and water use.

The environmental impact of silphie fibers is far less than that of pulp. Silphie paper also features a host of environmental benefits that set it apart from pulp-based board: less fresh-water eutrophication, ozone depletion and smog buildup, more environmentally friendly use of mineral and metal resources, and an improvement in land use thanks to the silphium plant’s high crop yields per hectare.

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Rolls and sheets

Our paper products are available both as rolls and sheets. We will gladly provide you samples of our silphie paper products. Simply write to us using the contact form.

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